Were born in Madrid and Santiago de Chile (1951 and 1960). Owing to their father ́s Diplomatic career, they have lived in Lisbon, Vienna, Bern, Santiago de Chile, Washington and Nairobi.

After finishing her High School studies in the Nairobi International High School, Elena is admitted into the Superior School of Fine Arts of San Fernando, in Madrid. After finishing her third year, she moves to Grenoble, remaining there five years. In France, she takes courses in Engraving, obtains the first prize in the painting contest The Pallete D'Or, participates in various Painting and Sculpture competitions and makes exhibitions in the Art Galleries Dauphine, in Grenoble, and La Regence, in Paris. In 1982, she returns to Spain and continues her Art studies in Madrid. Having finished her studies, she undertakes her first Painting exhibition in Madrid, in the Art Gallery Abril , in a joint show with painter Maria José Garcia de la Chica. Meanwhile, Isabel, at age sixteen, starts her artistic training in the Studio of the painter José Luis Azparren. She held the position of Drawing Teacher in the Centre of Restoration of Art Works in Madrid for one year. At age nineteen, she registers in the newly formed Faculty of Fine Arts of San Fernando, of the Complutense University in Madrid, in the speciality of Painting. In 1982, she discovers her interest in Sculpture thanks to an optional course in Carving. Having finished her studies, she starts her first studio in an attic on Segovia Street, a studio space where soon after Elena will join her.

In their Madrilenian studio, Elena and Isabel dedicate themselves to painting, but also start to work with forms in space, and decide to further their education at the Ceramic Workshop of Jaime Barrutia, where they will remain for three years. The fruit of this double activity is their exhibitions in the Art Gallery Moriarty, Madrid, in 1985, with works in both Painting and Ceramic Sculptures, and their participation in the collective show in the Art Gallery Arteara, Madrid, in 1989, where they exhibit works in carved word which they have conceived and executed together

From then on, Elena and Isabel will not only share studio, courses, exhibitions and work, but also, they will share house, projects and travels; and furthermore an interest in a Spiritual search that could deepen their artistic experience, a search which started with their practice of Aikido and Katsugen, at the Tenshin Dogo of Rafael Regaño in Madrid.

In 1991, they move to Mallorca. During the next nine years, on the island, they continue with their meditative practices under the hand of Ioanna Salajan, and immerse themselves in the Zen Philosophy and Aesthetic, work with sculpting, deepen their relationship with the wood and give life to their style.

In the year 2000, they accept to participate in the project, “GARDENS FROM THE SOUL”, proposed by the commissar Annelí Bojstad. They dedicate the next two years, to conceive and realize the group of works destined for this project, consolidating their close working relationship. Finally, these works are exhibited in September 2002, in the Villanueva Pavilion of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Madrid, together with the work of Eduardo Mencos and Carlos Diaz de Bustamante, sponsored by Social Work of Caja Madrid and with the installation design by Jorge Varela. Simultaneously, they participate in the inauguration of the Art Space Na (b) Room of Jorge Varela with a Sculpture exhibition.

Back in the Mallorca studio they will continue to investigate and develop their Artwork.

From the year 2005, they attend the courses organized by The Foundation of the Circle of Social Art, directed by Jaime Padró, which take place in Calatañazor (Soria) and Rodalquilar (Almeria); courses where they cultivate their capacity of observation of the Mineral and Vegetal reigns.

They move back to Madrid in 2008, and they form part of the study group “The Metamorphosis of the Human Skeleton “; where they do an in depth study of the osseous forms, their metamorphosis and artistic inspiration, through the Goethe form of observation.

In 2010 they are cofounders of “ IAO Arte Editorial “.

They participate in 2011, in the collective exhibition “ Equilibrium, Movement, Order and touch “ celebrated in “ La Cinoja “, Fregenal de la Sierra , Badajoz.

The Art Gallery Fernando Herencia, Madrid, shows in May 2012, the exhibition “ more wood “.

The Art Gallery Rina Bouwen, will be in the autumn of this year, their next exhibition space.

In December 2013, they decide to open a Sculpture workshop in Arganda del Rey in Madrid, where they initiate a new period of wood sculptures and paintings.

In February 2014, they participate in the Contemporary Art Fair "India Art Fair", in New Delhi, with the Gaudí Gallery in Madrid.

In December 2015, they associate with Isabel Alonso Vega, Laura Ponte and Veronica Hernanz to form a joint work space that will be called URG3L.

The idea arises with the purpose of creating an alternative art-space in which to work, expose and disseminate their work free of the conventional networks to which we are accustomed.

In 2015, they participated in "Art Madrid" with the "Materna y Herencia" Gallery.

In April 2016 they participate in the Art Fair "FAR-OFF" in Cologne (Germany), as the URG3L Gallery.

In May 2016, they make an exhibition of Sculpture and Inks on paper in the exhibition space of URG3L with the title "CALABEZAS", with the design of the installation by Jorge Varela.

In June of that same year, they were invited by Umberto Polazzo, along with Isabel Alonso Vega, at the "ARTE FARM 2016" 15th Edition PILASTRO DI BONAVIGO, Verona.

In August 2016, they participate in the III Edition of the International Contemporary Art Fair "DONOSTIARTEAN" at the KURSAAL Congress Center in San Sebastián.

In their search for new and more transparent ways of producing their art, they come into contact with the ‘’Real Fabrica de Cristales de la Granja’’ in Segovia to start producing a series of blown glass sculptures, which is still in process at this moment.

At the same time, they are working with other ways of expressing to produce lighter sculptures where the accent is put on the skeletal structure of the forms. This work is also on going in this moment under the name of ‘’estructuras’’.

In June 2018, they organize an event in the URG3L art space under the title '' CONTAINERS OF GLASS SOUND VIBRATION ‘’, with the participation of Berni García and Nak, ''The Soul Reconcilers'' that create a musical space inspired by the sculptures to arouse a unique sensory experience in the viewer.





Elena e Isabel Pan de Soraluce